View From the Pew | March 9, 2021


The Most Engaging Part(s) of Worship

If “worship service” refers to an entire Sunday morning church service, I would say worship (singing) and altar calls are the most engaging. The more engaging parts of the sermon come at the end when it turns more practical and a charge (or charges) is/are given. (I’m also part of a generation that sometimes considers “worship services” as just that: Services composed only of worship with maybe a short teaching, as opposed to a typical Sunday morning church service. There is a certain emotionality that becomes part of worship.

I Like Sermons

I like sermons that are practical and that I can use in my everyday life. As an introvert, I also like teaching sermons with a lot of knowledge. I like “drinking from a hose.”

Attraction to a Congregation

I have been attending non-denominational churches for years. In my experience, the denominational churches I have been a part of have been too legalistic/ritualistic (that may have well changed since I’ve attended). What attracted me was that it was clear God was working/moving in the church.  His presence was tangible in the fellowship/community. I want to attend a church that feels like home.  Across my entire life, I’ve attended two congregations intentionally, but have been loosely involved with four.

Best Worship Experience

Probably at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. An intentional focus on letting the Holy Spirit lead worship (and making space for that, even if it wasn’t planned for in the schedule) is what is most memorable about those times of worship.

-Joseph Tolonen, Joseph is a twenty-something teacher, musician, and author in the Cleveland area.

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