View From the Pew | March 16, 2021


The Most Engaging Part(s) of Worship

I love “spontaneous” worship, Spontaneous worship can happen at the end of a worship set, in between songs, or even in the middle of a song. In the moment, it really lets you focus on your worship to God and feeling the Holy Spirit’s presence around you.

I Like Sermons

I like sermons that are relatable to my life and that I apply to current situations. I also love when the sermon can take the scripture and break it into today’s words, as well as learning the history and theology behind what was happening or what it meant back in that time, but then also tell you how it applies to your life currently.

Attraction to a Congregation

I have been attending non-denominational churches for years but had to really do some exploring when I moved to Charlotte. I ended up choosing Elevation Church for a few reasons. One was the amazing worship team and the spontaneous worship they perform. The second part was the pastor’s preaching. Since I have been in church my whole life, I need something a little deeper than surface level, but also applicable to my life. I also liked that they do a lot of community events and try to have a real presence in the community.

When I was younger, I started in a Baptist church, and they pushed that you couldn’t listen to any upbeat music (even Christian versions) and had to wear long skirts or dresses, etc. I never understood this and it actually pushed me away from God and the whole experience for a little while. As I got older and found out there were churches that were more accepting and not as judgemental, I found my way back to God.

Best Worship Experience

Elevation always has great worship, but I also went to a Worship concert in Florida where Hillsong, Bethel, Jesus Culture, and many other amazing worship teams performed at. It was absolutely amazing.

-Megan Augustine, a mom of two young daughters, a marketer, and a dog mom in the Charlotte, NC area.

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