View From the Pew | February 9, 2021


The Most Engaging Part(s) of Worship

The most engaging part of a worship service, I’d say, is the sermon.  We have attended a number of different churches and visited quite a few when searching for a new one.  I’ve heard a lot of ho-hum sermons.  But when I encounter a pastor who keeps me on the edge of my seat and actually teaches me something or lets me see it from a perspective, then I’m hooked.  We had that experience in a Baptist church we attended for 9 months.  What a gifted preacher, but in the end, we decided not to stay because it was too Baptist.

The reason we left a different church is we got tired and bored with the preaching geared to new believers.  Another church we attended had a focus on evangelism, so the teaching there, too, was geared to new believers.  We did believe God wanted us there and grew to love the people. But eventually, God gave the green light to move on. 

I Like Sermons

The sermons I like best are where I learn something and/or where it is so real to the pastor that he is sharing his heart.

Attraction to a Congregation

We both grew up in Lutheran schools and churches and were very involved all through, as kids and then as adults.   We became involved in the charismatic movement, though, so we went to lots of churches, revivals, prayer meetings, etc. In our thirties our son became friends with high school peers who attended an Assembly of God church.  Eventually we crossed over, too, and attended there for 15 years.   We left because we had moved 25 miles away and felt God leading us to attend a non-denominational church in our new community.  We spent the next fifteen years there.  

We again did more visiting, and one of the churches we tried was The Crossing, part of a movement of new churches with multiple campuses, one of which is close to us. We felt so drawn to it because the pastor’s teaching is absolutely phenomenal.  I am truly on the edge of my seat, listening to every word.  We like that the church is all about community involvement. and they do a lot in that regard. 

Best Worship Experience

I’d have to say the best worship was back when I was a teen-ager, going to charismatic meetings and receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit would have to be a highlight of my spiritual life.

-Karen Eckhardt, St Louis area.  Karen is a nurse who with her husband raised four boys.  Their journey took them to many congregations.  She reflects on what was attractive about some and why they would leave.

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