View From the Pew | February 16, 2021


The Most Engaging Part(s) of Worship

 The sermon, the hymns, and holy communion.

I Like Sermons

I enjoy sermons that provide what Aristotle said made for excellent oratory:  Logos (some teaching), Pathos (guts and feeling), and Ethos (life application). I like sermons that clearly state the goal of a text, the roadblocks and maladies that tend to hold us back from the goal, and the power of the gospel of God to move us past roadblocks and forward in a maturing faith and life.

Attraction to a Congregation

My current congregation is the last one I served, which I fell in love with because of the wonderful mix of quality worship, mission outreach, and a desire in the people for spiritual growth.

Best Worship Experience

I would have to say that every Easter festival worship at the church I served in a long pastorate, with glorious music, and powerful messages of life and hope. My second would be a personal experience of intimacy with God during three weeks of solitude in the woods of Door County, WI.

-Frank Janzow, Frank is a retired Lutheran pastor living in a suburb of Milwaukee who has served five congregations.

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