View From the Pew | February 2, 2021


The Most Engaging Part(s) of Worship

I love the music. I love the songs that are joyful and upbeat. I love the praise songs. I love old hymns. I love to feel energy and love. However, I do not care for ones that just repeat the same phrase over and over or ones that the performers drag on for one more time because they think they should. Sometimes the sermon will engage me, too. Communion as the reminder of forgiveness and Christ is always an important part for me as well.

I Like Sermons

I learn sermons that teach, encourage, and offer application to my life. They must be Scripture-based and have a little bit of humor.

Attraction to a Congregation

After being very involved in one for many years, we became church wanderers. We went to many local churches; denomination did not matter.  Some we went back to several times; some we went once and felt it was not what we were looking for. We settled for one mostly because of the music at the time. After a while though, the music alone was not enough for me.  We currently still go to that church occasionally but our heart is more with a church in the city. We feel a need to reach out to those who seem to be forgotten in the suburbs. We like to see action, not just words.

Best Worship Experience

I don’t think I had a whole worship time that was the best. There are many WOW memories but they are pieces of a worship time. When I was a child it was Midnight Mass because when you entered, the church was darkened and the nuns sang O Come Emmanuel. It was powerful. Older, I can remember a worship service at the Vineyard with awesome music and a sermon about showing God’s love to all with many opportunities offered to do something. I remember an online Easter sunrise service from Red Rocks Church, a place that has always felt “spiritual” to me. And I remember a small group of us that were at a conference and held a worship service in a motel room, some songs, some Scripture, and Communion. It had a strong feeling of brotherhood and commitment.

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