The End To This Series of Blogs

The End To This Series of Blogs

This blog will be the last in what became a weekly series of 128 blogs.  I have run out of productive things to say.

My emphasis from the beginning was to understand the decline of traditional mainline congregations with our distinguished histories.  The underlying question is how to turn this trend around.  Answers are to be found in more creative ministries.  To that end, I invited readers to expand their appreciation of the role of the Holy Spirit in our church work today.  

Mainline church traditions did not pick up on the major role of the Spirit in the Apostle Paul’s understanding of spiritual life both for individual believers and especially for their churches.  We rightfully celebrate the centrality of grace in Paul’s theology.  But he actually referred to the Spirit twice as often.  We focus on being “in Christ.”  But, again, Paul referred to the Spirit twice as often.  

In the most recent round of blogs, I choose to probe the edges of traditional conservative biblical truths.  My intent was to promote greater understandings of the riches we have in the inspired, infallible Scriptures.  That has made some uncomfortable.  I was thinking too much like a professor and not enough as a pastor.  I value the broader audience.

My thanks go to all who were such faithful readers over the last two and a half years, and especially to those who offered their many comments and insights.

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