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Turning Insights into Actions

8 Recommendations for What Pastors and Church Leaders Can do to Regain Vitality in Their Congregations The very best research on congregational life reaches this simple conclusion: Highly effective congregations have leaders with the key attribute of an unrelenting, uncompromising focus and drive to help grow people into disciples of Christ.  The strategies and programs …

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Fellowships of Kindred Temperaments

A keen insight recently from psychology is that people have differing personal spiritual temperaments.  Recognizing these differences opens up more valuable ministry opportunities. A spiritual temperament is the way each of us personally relates to God best and most naturally.  Spiritual temperaments influence where and how we most often sense God speaking to us, refreshing …

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I Will Not Leave You as Orphans

On the evening we call Maundy Thursday, as told by John, Jesus gathered his eleven disciples around a table, perhaps like your dining room table with all the extensions inserted.  Judas had left.  With those who remained Jesus had a long, meandering discussion about what was going to soon happen. Our church has celebrated the …

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See Your Congregation as the Top Soil for the Spirit’s Work

The job of church leaders, according to the Apostle Peter, is to faithfully administer the various forms of God’s gifts to serve others (1 Peter 4:10).  The practicalities of administering such gifts are very challenging.  The hardest part is finding enough jobs for everybody in their shared congregational life.  Ironically, traditional church leaders complain they …

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Church Networks are Replacing Church Denominations

Mainline church denominations are shrinking away.  Understanding why is important.  But the bigger issue is what to do about turning around that trend. Part of the solution is to recognize how and why church networks are replacing church denominations.  Networks are loose affiliations of churches with shared interests and common church cultures.   Denominations are churches …

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